Smooth Soul CD Set (10 Discs)

When you look back at the music of times gone by, you reflect on the Soul music of 60’s and 70’s with nostalgia. Not many of us have escaped the magic of these beautiful ballads and romantic songs that made our heart skip a beat. And today’s generation has been touched by the magic of these musical maestros too; from Aretha to Otis, Al Green to Ray Charles. And now some of the best music by these singers and several others, bands that reached dizzying heights is available on an amazing collection called Smooth Soul that’s a must have for all.

About the Smooth Soul CDs Set:

Now you can build the perfect ambience for a romantic evening in with your loved one with the help of powerful songs by The Delfonics, Gladys Knight, Marvin Gray and Stevie Wonder. Or get together with your old friends and relive the magic of the time gone by listening to songs that left a big impression on your young minds and ballads that made you fall in love. Smooth Soul is one stunning compilation of Soul music that represents its different styles; from Motown to LA, Philly, Chicago, New York and Memphis; which is considered to be the home of Southern classical ballads.

If you are looking for a particular track that you loved but cannot find today; don’t worry because you will definitely find it in Smooth Soul. Listen to the big bands like The Supremes, The Temptations, The Four Tops and The Stylistics and turn the clock back in time whenever you feel like. Smooth Soul holds huge attraction for the younger generation too as all the songs that are original hit recordings have been digitally remastered to give you incredible sound quality.

Soul Music History:

Smooth Soul was developed in the early 70’s and is one of the most notable subgenres of Soul Music. It takes its influences from Soul, Funk and Pop music from the US but found its own loyal following and made its way into the mainstream almost instantly. There are a few things that are hallmarks of Smooth Soul and melodic hooks, smooth production style and influence from funk music are some of them.
This smooth, stylish and romantic kind of music differs from Pop soul by the mere fact that while the latter was a more dance based subgenre; Smooth Soul is more powerful ballad based and has seductive lyrical themes. The funk influence it has also makes it stand apart, however the melodic hooks make it suitable for crossover play too.

Famous Musicians and Artists on the CDs:

Smooth Soul found instant recognition because of the outstanding work of some of the artistes including Al Green, Marvin Gray, Roberta Flack, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, who quickly rose to fame. Some of the famous bands from the subgenre include The Chi-Lites, The Spinners, The Stylistics, The Temptations, The Persuaders and The Delfonics.

Where to Buy Smooth Soul CD Set?

What’s Included in the Set?

Smooth Soul includes 10 CDs and 150 romantic soul songs in all. Each album includes liner notes and is available in a collector’s box. It’s available at or $119.96.

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