Perfecter Fusion Styler Heated Round Brush Reviews (Jan 2021)

perfecter fusion styler reviews

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Calling all home hair-stylists! Today, we will talk specifically about the Perfecter Fusion Styler Heated Round Brush reviews. The Calista Perfecter Fusion Styler may be your new best friend, as this device can instantly transplant you from your bathroom to your local hair salon. 

Do you have thin, frizzy, or fine hair preventing you from having a good hair day? Or, how about coarse, dry, or wavy hair, limiting you from looking like your best self?

We realize how discouraging it can be to look into the mirror and wanting the image reflecting back to be something less than desired. 

Before you start jumping into the wide world of hairstylers however, it’s important to realize that there are a ton of different options and devices that can have you looking and feeling your best. 

What is the Perfecter Fusion Styler?

The Perfecter Fusion Styler is a heated round brush that can help add volume, body and shine to your hair, while helping to create smooth, frizz free hair for all textures and lengths. This tool was developed for women on the go, who not only want to get their hair done as soon as possible, but want it to appear like they’ve been to a professional hair salon.

Perfecter Fusion Styler Brush Overview

Developed by a professional hair stylist, Maria McCool, the Perfecter Fusion Styler is truly everything you need from a professional hair salon in your bathroom drawer. The Calista model has become the in-demand product for all types of women. It combines four hairstyling tools in one.

Perfecter Fusion Styler Key Features

  • Dual heaters: Evenly distributed heat across the barrels generates quick results.
  • Pilot lamp: A light will indicate when you have reached your preferred temperature.
  • Nylon teeth: A softly tipped brush and spaced teeth ensure no hair tangling, or hair burning.
  • Ceramic barrel: Provides shine and smoothness to hair while it’s in use.
  • Two temperature settings: Choose a high or low temperature to your preference.
  • Travel case: A thermal case is included so you can bring your Styler anywhere.
  • De-tangle brush: Heated fusion technology that de-frizzles curly and wavy hair.
  • Quick-heat: The device warms up as soon as you turn on the device.
  • Safety features: The plastic end and body ensures that you don’t burn or electrocute yourself.
  • Money-back guarantee: Return you Perfecter Fusion Styler before 60 days and get your money back.
  • Extras: Three styling clips to assist you in sectioning your hair as you style.

How the Perfecter Fusion Styler Works:

  • The Perfecter should be used on dry hair only.
  • Wrap a section of your hair around the bristled barrel and hold from 3 to 8 seconds. Continue in small sections.
  • Lifting from the crown, angle the bangs in the direction you want them to go.
  • The Perfecter can be used to create subtle flips beautiful curls or silky smooth styles.

Perfecter Fusion Styler infomercial/commercial video:

Perfecter Fusion Styler Pros and Cons


  • This device isolates the scalp and skin from the heat apparatus to ensure there is no burning or frying of the skin or hair. 
  • The Fusion Styler works bottom to the top as to not tangle hair. 
  • Those with dry hair can benefit from it’s moisture-infusing ability 
  • Does not react adversely to color treated hair or hair that has been permed.


  • Some users have communicated that this device is hard to operate. 
  • Curls, waves, or other hairstyles sometimes will not hold as long they should. 
  • Some users indicated that it did not get hot enough or cool enough. 
  • Some users indicated that it broke and wore down very easily.
  • Claims to replace 4 beauty tools (curling iron, hair brush, blow dryer) – unable to truly replace those.

Perfecter Fusion Styler Heated Round Brush Reviews

“This is my favorite Non flatiron for using curly hair. It does not get your hair stick straight like an iron, but it is great for smoothing and some curls, or curling the ends, and giving the hair more body. Rather than the sometimes ragged look after using a flatiron. I use this with my flatiron and I love it. I am on my second one. They last a few years, and then all of a sudden seem to stop working, careful not to drop it as the teeth fall out quite easily.” – five out of five

“I first tried my mother’s that she got from another seller, I fell in love with it because I am terrible at styling my own hair. This made it really easy and so quick to do. It works amazing for short hair, not sure otherwise or I’d be able to add in. We’ll see in a year when my hair grows out. But it’s nice and easily rotated by hand, the bristles don’t get hot unlike others like it. So you can touch your scalp without concentrated heat burning you. It heats up quickly and evenly and doesn’t catch your hair to the point you’d have to rip it out. All in all for someone who has ZERO ability with a curler, this has been a godsend to me.” – five out five

“This was my second one in 3 years. The first one lasted longer but the bristles broke off and eventually stopped working altogether after about 2 years. The second one lasted one year & one month. Bristles didn’t break, but one day just didn’t heat up anymore. Going to another brand………” – two out of five

Conclusion and Recommendation

While the average rating for Perfecter Fusion Styler Heated Round Brush Reviews on Amazon is 4.3 out of 5, it’s clear from many reviews that there is a lot to be desired from this product when it comes to longevity and easy to use.

That being said, the average woman goes to the hair stylist almost four times a year. At an average cost per visit at $75, you could actually purchase a Perfecter Fusion Styler once a year, and still be saving money. 

With that much savings, we overwhelmingly recommend purchasing this product. You can do so here: Check the price of the Calista Tools Perfecter Pro Grip Heated Round Brush.

Have you tried the Perfecter? Share your experience in the comment section below and help other consumers.

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  1. I bought one of these stylers about three months ago it is the worst thing I have ever bought you might as well use an ordinary brush it does not do anything I don’t know why people are allowed to advertise and sell these products Calista tools should of just robbed me in the street and taken my money I also tried to buy the complete styler spray but no where can be bothered to sell it in this country and other countries have non in stock if they did I would have to pay a small fortune to have it delivered actually I am going to get in touch with consumer rights I will let you know what they have to say.

  2. This works no better than the $29.95 brush stylers. It didn’t even bend my hair.
    They offered to pay $30.00 toward my next payment if I would keep it.
    That would leave me owing about $60 on something that doesn’t work.

    Good grief!

  3. This product does not work. And when I called to obtain a return authorization code, the agent was extremely rude and belligerent. I have opened a dispute with PayPal since the company refuses to return the first payment even though it porports to have a 60 money back guarantee. Buyer beware.

  4. I have seen The Perfecter Commercial Seen on TV: By the time I went to get my purse and phone the advert changed but I have managed to find you on searching the web. I would like to watch it again before I purchase and take the telephone number do you know when you next advertise on sky shopping in UK ? and can you give me The Telephone number as when you click the link it sends you to Amazon offering products that are not the same as TV, Thank you so Much. Kate

  5. The TV Ad says that this rip off styling tool was for any type of hair. I have long frizzy hair and it did not nothing for my hair. The bristles fell off and although I did NOT ask for the extended warrantee, they charged me anyway. It took forever to get my money back You can purchase a similar one which to me is well worth it for half the price

  6. Ordered Perfecter on 3/2215…to date have not received product..spoke with a customer service rep on 4/28 and was told product on back order, will receive in 1-2 weeks, nothing came…Hoping to get it before Mother’s Day, I called CS again (5/7 ). Was told again on back order AND that there weren’t any in the warehouse…Asked to speak to a manager to voice my dissatisfaction with service and to have order cancelled. Asked her to repeat that order has been cancelled and no charges will be billed to my account as calls are supposed to be recorded…Have names/#’s of all reps that I spoke with…Hope that I have no future problems with this company…The reviews were just plain scary…Wish I had read them before ordering…Also on 4/7 cancelled continued order of styling cream within specified time limit….Wish me luck!

  7. I have purchased the smaller iron and now the larger iron. I love them both. Makes curling my hair so much easier. I NEVER burn myself. My hair looks and feels healthier. I have been using this iron since it first came out. I read complaints about hair tangling and I wonder if these ladies have watched the video on how to use it. You need to watch the video PLEASE. It really is very easy once you figure it out. The is a GENIUS concept in curling irons. I only wish they had thought of it years years ago. I have used every kind of curling iron you can think of and this takes the cake ladies. Please give it an honest try and please watch the video on how to use it. You’ll be glad you did.

  8. I absolutely love me be. Have had it for 3 years and it still works great. I get so many compliments on my hair almost everyday!

  9. I purchased the perfecto styler at rite aid last week, Always afraid of curling irons,
    Since my hair is baby fine and super frizzy, I look like my hair is a Brazilian
    Blowout now, only happy days from now on.

  10. I bought mine a couple of months ago. I researched it and read the reviews. For those who got it tangled, there is a specific way to use it so that you don’t tangle your hair. My hair is fine so it did not work for me. As someone else noted, it took forever to get the faintest curl. I phoned customer service. They were pleasant and easy to deal with although, understandably they wanted me to keep the product and offered to send me a texturizer – which they said would be sent. I didn’t receive it so phoned again and was given the information to return it. Hopefully it will go back on my credit card, otherwise, I will write another review…

  11. I placed an order back in November (2nd request – the first one was “lost” back in August!) and online it reads that it’s on backorder (because of the color – purple?). I received notification that “we expect to ship your order by January 13, 2015.” I called today (1/20/15) and it’s still on back order. Rude customer service & no help.

  12. I ordered the Perfecter in late April, 2014, online. Received it, I think, in about 3 wks.
    I did not order the extended warranty, even tho I was charged for a 2 yr. warranty.
    I also did not order their $20.00 hair dressing to be sent monthly. I ordered one bottle, for $7.99. They have been charging me $19.99 per month, and sending me their hair junk. I talked to them today. Was informed I can not return the Perfecter, since it has been over 60 days, even tho it does not work like they advertise. Also, have to give them 30 days notice to cancel the hair dressing, even tho I had not ordered it. She said she will cancel it for me, and return $15.00 to my account. How generous of them! I informed her that I am going to tell people how they operate, at every chance I get.

  13. I have read a lot of the posts above and they all sound like a bunch garbage or like the people or just lying to me. I have had no problem getting people twice in customer care department regarding a request I made to the larger barrel sizes. I really believe if any woman gives this product a sincere try they WILL like it. I think a lot of people just don’t like paying almost 100.00 dollars for a curling iron. But seriously just like ANY curling iron you do have to learn to work with it…the BONUS with this one is you DON’T get burned ladies. I have had my hair tangled up in other curling irons too. This curling iron is too awesome. This product gets great reviews from me and I want two more as soon as they come out with larger barrel sizes. That has been my only complaint they need larger barrel sizes just like other curling iron companies offer on their curling irons. Every curling iron I have ever bought in the past I bought more than one size in it.

  14. I bought this curling iron more than a year ago now. I love the product. You can work easily with your hair without burning yourself. That is good news to me. I was sooo tired of burning myself with other curling irons. BUT….I would like to see this company offer the same kind of curling iron in other barrel sizes. I would like a LARGER barrel size than this. It would work better on longer hair. I have even called the customer care department to put in my request. I think there are a lot of women out there that would love this product MORE if the barrel were larger.

  15. I am not happy with the product itself or the gal who I talked to, to try to return it. I was expecting a completely different type of flat iron/curling iron combo. The one that opens in the middle. It is also very cheaply made. Every time I try to use it my hand turns off the buttons and I have to keep turning it back on to re heat it. It is made of cheap plastic and does NOT flat iron my hair at all. I explained all of this to the gal but she kept talking to me about a lousy $30 discount and wore down both me and my husband and so I took the offer. But I will be online on facebook, twitter and your site to tell everyone I can about this awful product and bad customer service.

  16. Well, according to most of these reviews, I have been suckered again. I had never seen a product like this and it looked like a good answer for my short, fine, no body hair. They make it sound like they are doing you a special deal, just for today, and then you go to the website and it is priced at 3 payments of $33.33 not 4 payments of $33.33 UNLESS you order in the next 11 minutes. I didn’t want to miss out on the 11 minute special deal so I didn’t look for reviews. I was so convinced that I called and ordered the thing. I got very irritated that they kept trying to add additional items and memberships in clubs to save me money. It’s Sunday after hours for them so I will be calling to cancel tomorrow! I’m going to check out Walgreens, WalMart and get this, right before I started this post I happened to notice that there was a Healthy Living catalog on the arm of my sofa with guess what was on the cover. You got it. A different brand but the same product offerings for $59.99. I am so tired of getting caught up in these fraudulent activities. You’d think at 66yo I would know better! Grrrrrrr!

  17. I have been using the perfector for about 4 months. I love the fact that you cannot burn yourself with it. You can hold it anywhere without getting burned. The perfector does add body and eliminates frizz. I haven’t found the perfect product to use with it. I have oily hair and using the argan oil products seems to weigh my hair down. Hope this review helps. I am glad I bought it.

  18. I purchased the perfecter. Doesn’t work. I called to see how I could return the product. The rep tried to talk me out of returning the item stating she’d take one payment off. When I again said NO she stating she’d send me hair products to help with it. I again said NO. I had to pay to return the item. I had tracking on the item. A few days after the item was received by them I received an email stating they were sending out a replacement item. THEY DON’T LISTEN! I DON’T WANT ANOTHER ITEM. IT DOESN’T WORK!!!! They are scam artists. I put in a dispute with my credit card company since it appears I’ll be get the monies back from these thieves.

  19. My mother ordered me the perfector for Christmas. She ordered it a month before I received it as a gift. I used the perfector and it got stuck in my hair so bad it took me 25-30 minutes to get it out. I almost had to call my friends whom I was supposed to meet out to come help me get the perfector out. I called to return the product but they have a 60 day money back guarantee and I didn’t receive my gift for the first 30 days because it’ was a gift. So I only had 30 days to try it but I didn’t know it at the time so by the time I used it, it was passed the warranty. I explained the situation but they wouldn’t have it. No return for me. Not happy. Don’t use if you have long hair. Don’t know about short hair.

  20. After ignoring all the negative reviews I bought it at BB and Beyond with my 20%
    Dicoount. I dont know what they showed on tv but I have short hair and I have to hold each curl forever to get a mild curl. I also tried it on my 7 year old with
    Gorgeous thick hair with almost no result. Unless you have alot of time to spend on each curl its useless. Dont waste your money. They also have it at Target
    Although they said that it cant be purchased in any store. I should have known
    Better. It’s a very low grade curling iron with plastic spikes!!

  21. DO NOT BUY! IT DOES NOT WORK! Customer service does not exist! Piece of garbage. Wil not even acknowledge email request. Filed a complaint with Florida Attorney General.

  22. Do not buy the perfecter it does not work. And there is no address to turn them into the better business buearu. I get the run around when I call them. DO NOT BUY IT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN IT LIKE IT SAYS.

  23. this is ok when it works – almost immediately the on off switch started working only sometime and within 3 months doesn’t work at all – don’t waste your money

  24. This is positively the best ever. I have told everyone I can about it. I have worn baseball caps for 3 years becasuse I couldn’t get my hair to stay all day. This iron works on my soft baby fine hair. I threw out my caps. Wonderful and thank you .

  25. I Tried The Perfector Styling TooL. I Called Them To Report The Device Not Being Up To What Was AdvertiseD. They Then Tried To Sale Me A Product To Put On My Hair. I Told Them I Wasn’t Wanting To Purchase A Product. Then They Said They Would Send It Free. I Told Them It Was False Advertisement. That They Didn’t Use Any Product On The Women On The Info Mercial. They Continued To Try And Get Me To Try It Longer. I Had To Insist That They Please Give Me A Return Acknowledgment number. Then I Was Still Charged For The Next Two Months For The Product And Had To Dispute The Charges With My Bank. Thankfully My Bank Helped Me With These Problems. But Over 4 Months After My Return Call To Them. I Was Still Battling Over My Charges.
    Not Worth The Trouble Or Money.

  26. to whom it may concern. I need to return the perfecter. My hair is thin and just wont work want a refund. do i need a label to mail back the fusion styler?

  27. I just received my Hair Perfector and I can not believe the difference in my hair already!! My hair is just below my ears and a bigs longer in the back. I had so much fun, I actually had two different hair styles on my head at one time! Even have Nother way to wear it NOW ☺ thanks to this AWESOME, AWESOME beautifier fore and my hair!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my beautiful hair!!!!

  28. Very disappointed that my perfecter quit after only a few uses! I only used it on occasion so the warranty expired. But for the price it should last longer than 6 months!! Called corporate & no help except sending it back with $20 for a replacement. Not sure if I will put more money into it…

    • I have tried to return this product for over 2 months! First, get someone that English is NOT their first language, background noise during call was so loud couldn’t understand even if it was solid English. Then today finally got ahold of someone that said, I was past my return date and to contact someone else, giving me a number…have tried several times to call this number, I start speaking and then get disconnected. This is a TOTAL rip-off. Do Not Bother

  29. I was reluctant to purchase this item after all these reviews but I was in BB&B and they have this styler in stock and with my 20% coupon I thought what the heck. If I don’t like it I will have no issue returning it to BB&B. I have highlighted fine limp straight hair medium length. I used the styler for the first time today and I was very impressed with my first try. I do see where I need to work on my styling but I do like it. Seems lot of issues with everyone is customer service and getting the product. So save yourself some grief and go to BB&B. I will keep you informed if this styler does not keep its promise, but for now I do like it.

  30. I do not know my ORDER number but my name is Peggy Bennett zip code is 67206 and phone number is 316-687-9835 and I need what your return procedure is

  31. wish I knew whether to risk the $99.00,read most of the comments,half like it /half don’t…a lot to gamble. watched the infomercial and liked what I saw,but that’s it,,,on tv it does always look better or easier.

  32. This product clams to moisturize the hair hate to tell you ladies this nothing but a bald face lie I was a hair stylist for some years and any tool that makes it’s own heat can dry the hair that’s why you need a good thermal product on the hair this perfecter is nothing more than a hot curling brush from the 80’s don’t be fooled by this Company save you money!
    Yours Truly
    Sheila from Tennessee

  33. I tried to order but they told me they did not ship out of the United States…. I asked them if they had paid attention in Geography class as Alaska has been a part of the U.S. for how many years????

    I don’t know how companies like this stay in business. I would hope people would read all the negativities surrounding this company and product!

    • Hello shells they do ship out to the united states I got mines & regret it I dont like it pulls ur hair as u rolling down and I still need my straightener because is not hot enough for the length, seriously it sucks I just kept the darn thing for my bangs minus a trip to the u.p.s. by the way on ur side of ordering they need to have people that speaks good english I had a hard time ordering but good luck try again u might get lucky and get someone who understands you but seriously not worth it.

  34. Took a long time to receive, then after about 90 days the “teeth” started breaking. Of course, I did not buy the warranty, so nothing I can do except trash it. Save yourself the $100! Definitely not worth it!

  35. Perhaps the ordering and shipping departments needed to be revamped at one time but here is my story. I saw the add on television. My sister has medium length, coarse, thick hair, mine is long, fine and thin. I ordered 2 of them. I received them in 1 week complete with accessories. We seldom us curling irons as they don’t work well on her hair and burns mine off. We are stuck with extra blow drying, pulling on hair to get the frizz or kinks out. We can’t afford to go to the salon on a regular basis and therefore only torture ourselves and our hair with dryers/blowers/irons/straighteners on special occasions. This means we’re dis-satisfied with our hair most of the time. …until now. Perhaps some of the comments listed above were made by Conair employees, but we can tell you, as two recently retired woman without any styling experience, we LOVE them!! We watched the videos and with very little effort achieved beautiful styling with hair that looks shiny (almost like highlights were added) and a smooth texture otherwise only achieved with lotions and potions. We can’t wait to gain a little experience with them so we can experiment with different styles. Something we’ve not been brave enough to do in the past as it would be hard on our hair. We can now have beautiful hair, all the time, with very little effort. We now have our Christmas gift lists completed for the ladies in our family. Read the reviews on the product. The ordering and shipping may have been resolved. Don’t know who the nay-sayers are, but sounds fishy to us. The Perfecter is a fabulous product we’re thrilled to have in our possession!!.

    • Glad to see someone likes their perfecter like me. I also have corse,thick curly hair and thought why not give it a try and wow I love it and have only had it a month and it’s still working and not falling apart like I have read from
      others… Are u two still enjoying urs? 🙂

  36. My hubby bought the Perfector for me after I burned my neck with a hot curling iron. I have long thick hair and it works great for me! I absolutely love it. My hair has more shine and volume and the styling looks like I had it professionally done in 5 minues or so, I use it everyday – Love it , love it! I don ‘t know why so many people are unhappy. You do have to play with the technique a bit but once you get the hang of it the process of styling your hair is so quick and esay, Works best on clean hair and if I have something special I use a little hairspray after I style and sit lasts all day.

    • I tried to order a perfector I hung up because they try to sell you everything under the sun what does a Disney trip have to do with buying a hair tool? I got sick of pushing the” no’ button I was on the phone for 23 minutes I finally hung up . I decided I didn’t need this tool that bad. The next day Sherman calls to see if I wanted to order he would give a discount I said o.k. well two days later I ended up with two of them. I didn’t order two. Well that’s when I started calling getting pawned off to other people getting hung up on over and over I got names .I finally packed these crappy tools up and sent these back august 21.I got credit for one of them but now it’s november16, two credit card bills later and no credit for the other one. Who runs this company IDIOTS?!!!! It’s a crappy product it doesn’t work like they say. I’m a hairstylist so it’s not like I don’t know how to use it. It’s cheaply made. I’m in contact with a lot of people I definitely would not recommend this to anyone. I would like my money back or the next step is the Better Business Bureau. This company has the worst customer service I have ever delt with.I sick of this I just want my money back!!!!!!

  37. Save your money!! Buy a good curling iron. Like all infomercials, they rarely deliver.
    You have to dry your hair and I found that I got more volume with my curling iron.
    It took 6 weeks to arrive and I am very disappointed in the results!!!!

      • You must have an RA# ( order number from your reciept) . This may have been sent to your email

        Customer Care, please call 1-973-287-5199, Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM EST and Saturday – Sunday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST.



        500 RETURNS ROAD

        WALLINGFORD, CT 06495

        • Not happy with the fusion styler and I want to return it… Called many times to the number you provided 1 973 287 5199 and…NO LUCK !!! ?????
          What I need is the Return Authorizacion number to send the product back to you Hope to hear from you soon !!!

    • Lori,

      First, here is the phone number for customer service: 1-973-287-5199

      Second, here is the Return Address for The Perfecter:

      500 RETURNS ROAD
      WALLINGFORD, CT 06495

      I did not recieve a receipt with my order so I went to the web site ( and I printed up all information regarding this order to send along with the return.

      Make sure you keep copies of all paperwork and note anyone you speak to regarding your return: Date, Time called, and most important name of person you spoke with including their I.D. number.

      Questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me…..good luck with your return.


    • Customer Care, please call 1-973-287-5199, Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM EST and Saturday – Sunday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

      The ra# is the same as your order #



      500 RETURNS ROAD

      WALLINGFORD, CT 06495

      Return Authorization Procedures

      We pride ourselves in providing the best in products and services. In the event that you want to return your order, simply follow the instructions below and we will take care of you!

      Please contact our Customer service Department with the order number at the top of this invoice in order to receive a Return Authorization.
      In order to ensure that your Package arrives to us securely, please pack the item in the original packaging and remember to include all accessories, parts and pieces. If the original packing is unusable, use a suitable replacement.

      For your convenience a return label has been provided above. The RA#, reason for return, and whether you want to receive a refund, less shipping and handling or replacement must be completed in the space provided. If you are using your original packaging, please cover the original shipping label with this label. If you are not using original packaging, please securely adhere the label to the suitable packaging.

      Return Reason Codes

      Defective-damaged or non-operational

      Wrong Item shipped

      No Longer Wanted

      Did Not Order

      Wrong Size or Color


  38. I waited a bit for mine, but I did get all the emails I expected and finally received it yesterday. I like it, but the silver tip on the end keeps falling off.

  39. I have a theory @ the l-o-n-g delays related to shipping of Infomercial commercials. To say it’s inconvenient is putting it overly politely. I think that the manufacturer makes big bugs by using third class mail AKA the pony express. I assumed one such product (not this one) had bee stolen from front stoop; but no, it was just on a slow pony.

  40. No conformation of may order was sent to me – After reading reviews re: Perfection Fusion Styling device, I have decided to cancel said order. How do I get in touch with Customer Service to do so? Please advise via my email address. Thank You for your assistance in this matter. JM Fullerton

  41. I must say as a professional Hair Artist when they say it eliminates the blow dryer they mean that you don’t have to use two tools at once(round brush and blow dryer used to get smooth weightless volume). Which becomes difficult because if you don’t have two Hands Free The hair slips and than tangles. Which becomes frustrating hence the reason women just give up on truly mastering the round brush and blow dryer technique. You must blow dry your hair, starting at the roots and back of the head than work moisture tothe ends( its like dusting, you start at the top so the dust falls down with gravity) also so you push the moisture out in a timely fashion. Usually it takes me 7 min to get each client dry and than you can thermal style. They show you how easily it is to create a crease in your hair to show you any mistake with these tools can damage your style. so you have to be very careful!! The main trick that is being used here is elevation. As long as you take your section of hair and direct the hair shaft straight up than gently put the barrel of your curling iron (or flat iron) next to the hair roots and slowly direct the hair over and down on the curling iron, you’ll Than slowly close the clamp( or blades of flat iron) of your curling iron to avoid crease. Than keep your Elbows high and the hair being pulled up. slowly start to twist the barrel and slightly open n close the clamp allowing the hair to glide more easily.winding all the hair around the barrel(ends being wrapped last to avoid damage) and holding for 3-8 seconds The heat on the roots first will keep the volume longer all day. For more tips and tricks feel free to email me…. I’d love to help!!

    • Kiki,

      So nice of you to help everyone out with some tips.

      I regretfully am becoming a senior citizen (still loving life), but a five time cancer survivor and am on medication for pain due to a work accident. All of this has taken it’s toil on my once gorgeous once silky manageable red hair. I even did modeling for hair products years ago. Now it is thin, breaking off badly and dry and will not hold curl for anything. Just plan ugly! So I got a perm, that didn’t even help. In fact, I think it made it worse. Now it is shoulder length in back and two different lengths on sides. I had it cut to try and get rid of the damaged ends and a friend who is a stylist got me some really good shampoo & conditioner.

      I do use curling irons, but try to let it air dry (which doesn’t take long at all). I even sleep on sponge rollers and that doesn’t stay. I am now wearing my wigs again that I used when I was a flight attendant because I am ashamed of my hair.

      I have seen this commercial on TV many times and decided to read the pros and cons. I thought that this product might help. I was so excited and thought this might be the answer. Now all these cons make me have second thoughts.

      Anyone got any suggestions…I have found this product online cheaper also. But buying it at BB&B is a good idea because you can return it there.

      Help..Should I try it or not?

  42. I ordered using their website. It was backordered, but they sent email to notify, and then emailed me when it was mailed. Took awhile to receive – I just had to be patient.

    African American with long thin relaxed hair. I am pleased with the Perfecter. I had to watch the videos lots of times before I learned how to use correctly to get the same look. Do not try to use like a curling iron or hair will tangle.

    For long hair, hold Perfecter vertical like they do in videos. Notice how they pull Perfecter down the sectioned hair and use other hand to help release through hair. It took me a few weeks to learn the technique.

    I love the detangle brush – use in AM before curl & in PM before bed. I rest Perfecter on Travel Case when styling so protects bristles. Hair no longer looks dry. Hair is moisturized but does not appear flat or oily any more. Perfecter heats fast & only minutes to use. Safe – Auto turn off.

    Like the Calista Tools Achieve 10 styling cream. Looking into other Calista Tools hair sprays & oils that might add more volume for thin hair. Available on QVC & Nordstrom’s. Calista Tools also has heat rollers which I may try – looks like similar result as Perfecter.

    On week-ends I brush hair daily with Perfecter & detangle brush even if don’t curl so hair is moisturized.

    • I started spraying a little thermal protection spray on each section I curl – really helps. Curls are tighter and holds all day. Then a little hair spray when all done. Also for those who have been using a curling iron on your hair. The Perfector is so much better and your ends don’t frizz or get too stiff

  43. I did receive my order, finally. I do like it and the advertisment does say to use on dry hair only. So far I am pleased with it. I didnt like the length of time for delivery. The product though I am very pleased with. My hair is heavily high lighted and fine. It does leave it in better condition than curling iron and gives it better volum.

  44. Is this all True, Or is it that your jealous, Because My mom was going to Order this Product but maybe not after all these comments/Reviews were written……..

  45. I bought a perfecter and waited 6 weeks. Each time I called the same answer 2 to 3 weeks delivery I cancelled the order. After reading the reviews I would not place an order with them.

  46. I bought a perfecter and waited 6 weeks. Each time I called the same answer 2 to 3 weeks delivery I cancelled the order. After reading the reviews I would not place an order with them.

  47. Same story, 23rd verse…. ordered June 20, supposed to have it in 2-3 weeks, it is now July 28th and I have NOTHING. Also that supposed “10 yo girl” in the infomercial is a professional actress and model, just saw her in a catalog of someone you would all know. Some random “kid”. And the infomercial – they deliberately MIS-use the flat iron and curling iron and DON’T correct it so that their tool will look good. Did you know Conair puts out a hot curling brush with cool tip and touchable nylon bristles for only $13.95 at WalMart? Just sayin’. I am going to cancel my Perfecter (can’t they even SPELL???) order.

    • I always check amazon for product ratings. When I looked for the perfector, other similar items popped up like the conair and the cheap ones actually had better ratings. I didn’t know they sold it at WalMart. Easier return if I don’t like it. Ty

      • I was just going to type almost the same thing. Vidal Sassoon had one out in the 90’s and into the 2000’s. I was sad to not be able to find it anymore. They had a larger barreled one for longer looser styling and a smaller one for shorter and tighter styling. Conair has one also and it is like the Vidal Sassoon one but sadly I am not able to find the smaller barrel for shorter hair anymore. Theirs is a little different which caused me to watch this infomercial to see if there was something similar that might be able to be purchased. Vidal Sassoon and Conair used hot air but was different than a lot of the other ones on the market that either had brush bristles (tangled hair like crazy) or the ones with no air blowing that were basically poorly working curling irons with bristles on them. I also didn’t like the attachments that came with blow dryers. Over the years I think I have tried them all but have come back to what is now the Conair hot air styling tool with firm straight bristles as this product for non or very little tangling, and the hot air gives great styling for short, long, thick and now in later years thinning hair. I was actually thinking about hoarding them as they are getting so hard to find. I think the only place in the Atlanta area I can find them is at ONE and only one of the Kmart’s. Much cheaper than this tool and I think I will stick with what I have until I am sure about the ionic moisturizing which I am not sure if it’s a gimmick.

        • BTW, for what it’s worth, I have gotten rid of the curling irons, straighteners, styling tools, and hot curlers in favor of this type of product. The concept is great; but I don’t trust ordering from companies I don’t know, which it sounds like on here one should be cautious until they have a better and quicker delivery policy. Using the Conair one, honestly, I have used it daily and they only last about 1 or 1.5 years before I burn them out and need a new one. I have a lot of strands of hair which used to be very thick but are still there, just thinner and finer, and it’s just past shoulder length with lots of different lengths which leads to longer styling, if that makes a difference. Also use it on clean hair, or hair with no styling products in it on a second day or the products including some hair sprays build up on it and make it gross. I seriously would have ordered this product without checking the reviews had it blown air through the shaft of it for styling, because I would know it works for styling that is quick and lasts for most of the day. If this one doesn’t get hot enough the curls won’t set and last a long time, and believe me I have had many tools that looked great after they were done but two hours later my hair was straight and flat like it was before I started unless I plastered it with sprays and mousses.

      • I just checked out ‘” it is a consumer rating site. They had 100 consumers rate this item and it only rated a “1” . I guess that answered my question.

        Before you buy products you might want to check here.

    • I agree with what you said about the infomercial. Thank you very much for the tip about the Conair for so cheap! Does that one also have the ionic moisturizing? Please let me know.

  48. I just ordered the perfect or for 3 payments of 33.00 it is now on QVC for $72 68. What can I do to get that price. When I get it should I return it and then reorder it on QVC or will you adjust the price

  49. I had attempted to place an order. That was back on June 14th….didn’t complete the transaction. Today I have a pending transaction on my checking account—honestly—spoke with a gentlemen in customer service…Victor #284. He said shipment should be made by the 30th of July. We’ll see. Thank you for the messages ladies–if I don’t receive the item–it will be cancelled.

  50. I ordered this product in June and did not pay for expedited shipping. I have emailed them using their listed on their website and have received each email as undeliverable. I called, spoke with someone with a very strong accent to cancel the order. My order was delayed due to high demand. I never received a confirmation of purchase email, nor did I receive a delay of product email. This certainly isn’t the way to do business. The other thing I noticed is your hair must be dried before using this product. I thought the advertisement showed you do away with a blow dryer! Obviously not! Truth in advertising? I did cancel the order.

  51. I ordered the prefecter on June 18th. I did not hear from anyone on the delay so on July 18 I e-mailed to ask where it was. I received no answer to my e-mail. I decided to call today, July 25, I was told that it would be another 3 weeks. After reading all the negative comments I called back and and cancelled. This company lacks in customer relations and service and I want nothing to do with it.
    I was promised an e-mail would be sent immediately confirming my cancellation.

  52. I have the same complain about this company. I made an order on June 10th 2013, and up to this date they have not delivered it. All they do is make promises.
    I am going to cancel my order.

  53. POOR customer service – agreed! Ordered on 7/8 and two weeks later I still don’t have it. This is 2013 – how long could it possible take to get this?? I just got off the phone with them and they NOW say 3-4 weeks. The status of my order on their website it 2 – 3 weeks for order.

  54. i ordered the perfecter and it was supposed to come in 10 days. 2 WEEKS LATER IT CAME. i had to blow dry my hair because its too thick. the commercial said i wouldn’t need a blow dryer. i tried to straighten my hair and it looked no different from when it was blow dried. i think this styling tool is only for straight or slightly thick hair.

  55. Bad service and shipping is 7-8 weeks. Also my credit was charged for 2 add’l things that I declined during the ordering process. I cancelled and thought about calling Better Business Bureau.


  57. BAD… BAD… CUSTOMER SERVICE. YOU GET PLACED ON LONG HOLD WAITS OVER 1HR+ IF YOU TRY TO CANCEL AND GET A REFUND, I AM STILL ON HOLD RIGHT NOW AND IT HAS BEEN OVER 1HR. I HAVE CALLED EVERY DAY DIFFERENT TIMES AND STILL UNABLE TO REACH SOMEONE. I am getting sick of being on hold every day for over 1 hour . All I want is my $99.99 credit back. I order this product 5/25/13 and today it is 7/12/13 almost 2 months and still no product. They say they are out of stock and I will have to wait another 4-6 weeks- I THINK NOT! So I cancelled my order, and as we speak at this moment I am on hold to talk to a rep to get a refund. I am confused why the lady who cancelled my order today couldn’t give me a confirmation cancellation #? all she said was my order # is also now my confirmation of cancellation? and then she transferred me.. it is now 1hr 35min and I am still on hold to get a refund. I am feeling like there will be no live rep to give me a refund and they do this so you hang up after getting frustrated and then they keep my money? and no product? I AM FRUSTRATED.. POOR AND THEE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I WILL TELL EVERYONE NOT TO ORDER THIS OR ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY SERIOUSLY.


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