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  1. Good afternoon, I need some information, I purchased my Curling several years ago. The brissels have broken off. I was wondering if these had replacement parts? I love this curling iron. If it can’t be replace where can I purchase another?

  2. My fusion styler is pulling my hair out, and the tips are breaking off. What can you do for me? Is the styler too hot and not working properly.

  3. I need to send my perfector back it doesn’t do the job and it tangled my hair and I had to cut it. disappointed..
    please let me know the process to do it

    thank you

  4. 3/20/2014
    Need to return for refund….But did not receive any paper work. call me ASAP ! 812-944-2368 leave a message on my machine on how to return or someone to talk to about this.

    Thank you,

  5. I need to exchange my perfecter, because the one I received the cord has a short in it. It won;t stay on . Please respond and tell me how to return it for an exchange.
    Thank You, Mary Meshell

  6. I had place an order on 10/12/2013 I have not received no E-mail on my order I had talk to Ermma on 10/13/2013. I was given a number (877)291-1492 all i get is a recorder. Order # 11 997537 ? Can coustmer service send me with Info on my order the perfecter fusion styler.

    1. Stop being a bully, Rose! Neither the fusion styler, the Rejuvenique, or anything else is going to help you. You are an ugly old woman.

  7. I Received my order& decided I need an exchange for a larger size.
    In order to return for a new size I have to have an RA#.Customer service can’t be contacted.They want to order more but can’t help me out for a RA#.Please reply.I love the Milana Bra & want to return
    for exchange as soon as possible.
    Thank you,Rosemary


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