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Nothing makes your pet happier than coming along for a ride in the car with you. Well now you can avoid the mess and bring your buddy along with Pet Rider!


Is the Pet Rider car seat cover waterproof?

It sure is! The Pet Rider seat cover for your car, truck, van or SUV is completely waterproof. You won’t have to worry about spills and accidents anymore. With the Pet Rider, everything is an easy clean-up.

Does the Pet Rider seat cover adjust to fit any kind of back seat in any vehicle?

Absolutely! The Pet Rider is customizable to fit any backseat.

Is the Pet Rider something I can leave in my car? Can I leave it on the seat permanently?

You can definitely leave the Pet Rider seat cover in your car as long as you like. It will keep your seats dirt, spill and odor free from your pets and anyone else riding in it.

How do I clean the Pet Rider? Is it easy?

If it’s a mess you want to clean off the Pet Rider, it’s as easy as wiping it once with a sponge or paper towel. Everything wipes right off it with ease. Need to wash it? Pet Rider seat cover is machine washable! We make cleaning it very easy for you.

When will Pet Rider be available in stores?

The date for retail release is still uncertain. As soon as it is released to stores, consumers will be notified through the social media profiles and blog.

I ordered my Pet Rider and it said shipping will take 3-6 weeks. Why so long?

Currently we have received a massive amount of orders. Our manufacturer is working double time to quickly address the back orders now accumulating. Please be patient. We will definitely get your order shipped to you as fast as we can.

Help! I placed an incorrect order. How can I change this?

What you want to do is call this toll free number for customer service: 1-800-777-4034. To find your order they will need your phone number (or email address if you provided it), last name and zip code. They will absolutely get your order fixed for you. Keep in mind order processing takes a full 24 hours, so they may not have your order in the customer service system until at least 24 hours after.

I ordered Pet Rider, but I haven’t been charged yet. When should I expect to be charged?

We process your order within 24 hours, but we do not charge your card for the purchase until the order is shipped to your address.


Where Can I Buy Pet Rider?

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