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Drill Buddy Overview

Could you use an extra set of hands with your next home improvement project? The new As Seen on TV Drill Buddy might be the answer. What is a Drill Buddy? The Drill Buddy is a lazer level, drill guide and dust catcher all in one.

Drill Buddy’s feature can help save time when hanging wall decorations. It can help when hanging mirrors, shelves, wall mounts for TVs and picture frames. The commercial claims that the Drill Buddy ‘takes the guess work out of hanging things.’



Built-in lazer level helps make straight lines
Auto attaching function secures it to any wall
Built in vacuum sucks up dust and residue
Guide helps drilling holes
Save money on hiring a carpenter


Does not come with drill
Need to know how to use a drill


Where Can I Buy Drill Buddy?

Buy Drill Buddy at the official site: www.trydrillbuddy.com


How Does Drill Buddy Work?

1. Place Drill Buddy on wall, switch on lazer light and adjust unil the bubble is in the middle of the level
2. Activate the vacuum to secure Drill Buddy to the wall
3. Make your measurement and make where to drill
4. Disengage vacuum
5. Place drill guide over mark, reengage the vacuum and drill your hole. Drill buddy will collect the dust

Drill Buddy Reviews

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frans klaus December 13, 2014 at 11:05 am

The cons (Does not come with drill & Need to know how to use a drill) are ridiculous. Comparable with: I buy a length of wood. Cons: it does not come with a saw to bring it on the needed length.
I think a pro is that it does not come with a drill as I already have three so I would be spending money for a fourth.


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