Cur-ost Animal Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

in Pets

The Cur-OST® line of Products uses the finest herbs, vitamins, and minerals that have been scientifically researched and clinically proven to reduce the inflammation associated with many disorders as well as support the immune system.

How it Works

Cur-OST® all natural anti-inflammatory supplement which helps to reduce pain, improves quality of life and reduces dependence on prescription pain medications in small animals afflicted with arthritis, laminitis and other inflammatory conditions. Cur-OST® is clinically proven and research supported.

Arthritis in small animals is a debilitating condition resulting in tremendous suffering, pain and loss of function. Nouvelle Veterinary Inc., announces the release of Cur-OST®, an all natural anti-inflammatory supplement for small animals, clinically proven effective after 4 years of use in veterinary practice.

Cur-OST® is formulated using potent anti-inflammatory herbs, curcumin and boswellia, in a proprietary blend of nutrients shown in research trials to reduce pain and support overall health. Cur-OST® is supported by published clinical research and hundreds of satisfied patients. It is easily administered as a daily supplement to small animals to reduce pain, improve quality of life and reduce dependence on prescription pain medications.

Cur-OST® is available without a prescription.

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